i’ve gone 64bit


Extra 64bit

i have just completed a dual boot setup on my t400. fedora core 11 x64 and windows 7 pro rtm x64. I got my hands on windows 7 through msdn. i managed to install it today after i got home after the test i had been preparing for – the past few days. it went fine. thank you. 🙂

windows 7.

since i didnt have a blank dvd to write the iso on i decided to boot from my usb stick and install it off that. The install went smoothly. i had vista32 and fedora installed before i decided to switch to 7 – and the install was simple. it cleaned up my program files (obviously because i wasnt gonna need anything form there) and ditched the vista “windows” folder and renamed it to windows.old (you can delete this if you want to) i didnt have to format or anything, i just pointed the install to the vista drive it said its gonna clean it up, and thats exactly what it did. +1 microsoft. i like this. apart from that… to me.. the install is identical to windows vista (i think they changed the background image) hehe.. once installed, i obviously lost grub, so i had to pop in the fc 11 dvd and recover that. thats it. dualbot. win7 and FCXI 😀 both 64 bit. yay!

pretty much everything on my t400 worked right from the beginning, i like lenovo’s battery manager so i installed a beta version of that for 7, that’s it. i dont think i installed any other drivers. Everything is setup and running fine now. ill use windows 7 for a few days before i go and make some wild claims about it.



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