Changing linux policies for CPU scaling and disk mounting


I use fedora from time to time. Listen to music, watch some videos, try some new programs that I think are cool. My primary OS is windows though…

I just use linux when im bored with the usual windows 7 and want to try something different.

It’s refreshing, i like how clean it is and i often continue to use it for a few days before I go back to windows, and that really makes me appreciate it more 😉

anyway, so there are a few things that i find annoying about linux. i feel like its another vista. they ask for the root password for every small change. i find it annoying.

the two most common ones are:

1. changing the CPU scaling policy. when my laptop is plugged in, i’d rather it use all the CPU it can get. to change this i need the root password. annoying.

2. mounting a NTFS drive. i have all my music on the NTFS drive i keep for windows, to mount it, it needs the root password.

luckily its easy to fix it 🙂

Here’s how:

The directory contains the policy files for the above actions, you can edit it them to reflect the changes.


for 1, and 2 above you will need to edit the files ‘org.gnome.cpufreqselector.policy’ and ‘org.freedesktop.udisks.policy’

scroll down to find this part and change the <allow_active> tag from ‘auth_admin_keep’ to ‘yes’



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