Thinkpad T400



Thinkpad T400

august 26 2009

i got my thinkpad t400 today!

2.2 ghz dual core

4gb mem

250gb hdd

14″ xga+ screen with a built in webcam


6 cell batt


i love this computer. yay!

just got it running FC XI x64

cant wait for win7 😀



food as a grad student is something you will not believe until you experience it. you’ll eat pretty much anything as long as it looks like its eatable and as long as it cooks fast. that’s if ur  home… if you’re out of the house and you remember that its lunch time and if u can manage to squeeze some time between classes.. yes you might have a decent (expensive) lunch.

i feel homesick already. and i miss indian food. chicken tikka to be precise.