SSD’s are becoming very common. They’re not big as big as spindle drives yet (not cost effectively atleast). This makes watching the hard drive usage more important.

Back to the days of analyzing disk usage and removing the unwanted files.

There’s a few tools I use

  • ccleaner – very good tool, I run it pretty regularly
  • windirstat – tool to analyze disk usage

If you take a look, you’ll see that the c:\windows\installer folder is exceptionally large. A quick web search shows mixed results, with two contradicting results (both from Microsoft – one from MSDN, and the other from TechNet).

The TechNet article claims that you can not delete the files in that folder “flatly: No” with no convincing explanation. I didn’t buy it.

The MSDN article is a little better, it even has a script that you can use to determine which files can be deleted.

I wrote a small tool that moves the unwanted files over to a backup folder.

My suggestion would be to run the tool and keep the “backup_#” folder it creates around for a while (just in case you run into some problems later), or maybe move it off your SSD and onto a storage media.

You can download the tool here.

Usage: CleanUnusedInstallers.exe !
(running it without the ‘!’ will cause it to run in TraceOnly mode, and it will not make any changes to your files)




Hello world, from iPad!



Songbird 1.2.0

Songbird 1.2.0

i downloaded and gave songbird a try today, i had done this earlier on my old computer, back the UI was slick. it was black, and looked like a really cool music player. that was actually why i tried it. back then, i had a pretty crappy computer and i thought the performance was bad. the player takes to long to load, switching songs is slow and it felt very sluggish. i attributed it to having an old computer, was sort of un happy because its just a music player, why does it need the latest hardware… anyway, gave up on it back then.

i just uninstalled it for the second time. from my new Thinkpad T400. for the very same reasons. Let me tell you what i like about the player. the interface and maybe the farting bird mascot… hehe..
but all that at the cost of waiting for my player to come up just isnt worth it. not on a pretty new computer. i will surely try songbird again. i just hope they make some real improvements in terms of performance. i guess, its one of those pitfalls of using java. the UI has changed a lot, but is still pretty awesome.

until next time.

i’ve gone 64bit


Extra 64bit

i have just completed a dual boot setup on my t400. fedora core 11 x64 and windows 7 pro rtm x64. I got my hands on windows 7 through msdn. i managed to install it today after i got home after the test i had been preparing for – the past few days. it went fine. thank you. 🙂

windows 7.

since i didnt have a blank dvd to write the iso on i decided to boot from my usb stick and install it off that. The install went smoothly. i had vista32 and fedora installed before i decided to switch to 7 – and the install was simple. it cleaned up my program files (obviously because i wasnt gonna need anything form there) and ditched the vista “windows” folder and renamed it to windows.old (you can delete this if you want to) i didnt have to format or anything, i just pointed the install to the vista drive it said its gonna clean it up, and thats exactly what it did. +1 microsoft. i like this. apart from that… to me.. the install is identical to windows vista (i think they changed the background image) hehe.. once installed, i obviously lost grub, so i had to pop in the fc 11 dvd and recover that. thats it. dualbot. win7 and FCXI 😀 both 64 bit. yay!

pretty much everything on my t400 worked right from the beginning, i like lenovo’s battery manager so i installed a beta version of that for 7, that’s it. i dont think i installed any other drivers. Everything is setup and running fine now. ill use windows 7 for a few days before i go and make some wild claims about it.


Thinkpad T400



Thinkpad T400

august 26 2009

i got my thinkpad t400 today!

2.2 ghz dual core

4gb mem

250gb hdd

14″ xga+ screen with a built in webcam


6 cell batt


i love this computer. yay!

just got it running FC XI x64

cant wait for win7 😀