Desktop List View for Windows 7 x64 v0.1

Desktop List View is a small utility that brings a List View to the icons on your desktop. The view is compact and gives a neater look to the desktop.

I used the code from here and modified it to work with Windows 7, as the original code was not working with my Windows 7 x64.

You can place a shortcut to the executable in the “Startup” start menu folder.

Download Here (tested with Windows 7 x64)

Preview screenshots below:

(to disable, run the application with "disable" command line parameter)
Icons before executing the application


Icons after running the application



12 Responses to “Desktop ListView for Windows 7 x64”

  1. chrishigh said

    I’ve been looking all over for this – but the download link is bad. Any chance of a re-up please??

  2. aero9 said

    updated the link on the page.

    sorry about not checking the link.

    btw, its hosted on a free site, and is bound to get deleted again. if someone can host this file for me, it would be great! (the file is 4kb, compressed)

  3. chrishigh said

    Have you considered a free account? I’d be happy to put it on my own, but it would only mean you have to keep me posted on updates…

    Box is super easy – upload it to a folder, get the download link and you’re done!

  4. aero9 said

    thanks for that… you’re right. is pretty cool 🙂

    updated the link.

  5. chrishigh said

    And hey it actually works!! (filedropper was broken too)

  6. chrishigh said

    Hmmm, not quite ready for primetime – it doesn’t play well with multiple monitors (doesn’t respect the “main monitor” settings and puts everything to the leftmost edge of whatever monitors are attached). Also anything past the bottom of the screen doesn’t wrap, just keeps going past the visible area. Then a gain it IS version 0.1!

  7. erikive said

    Would it be possible for me to get the source of this?
    Seems the old ones link is broken.

  8. chrishigh said

    Not to steal the author’s thunder, but in case he doesn’t reply I thought I’d let you know I switched to a free app called FSL IconRestorer. It’s purpose is to keep icons organized & memorized but I don’t care about that – I like it because it has a list view option which combines with the smallest icons (CTRL-Scroll down while on desktop) lets me fit a ton of stuff in one column. Plus it can run at startup which is a bonus.

  9. erikive said

    Sounds nice, I’ll have to check it out.

  10. Problem: It listed all my folders in a single column, right off the screen. I had thought it would make a new column once it reached the bottom of the screen. Oops.

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