Songbird 1.2.0

Songbird 1.2.0

i downloaded and gave songbird a try today, i had done this earlier on my old computer, back the UI was slick. it was black, and looked like a really cool music player. that was actually why i tried it. back then, i had a pretty crappy computer and i thought the performance was bad. the player takes to long to load, switching songs is slow and it felt very sluggish. i attributed it to having an old computer, was sort of un happy because its just a music player, why does it need the latest hardware… anyway, gave up on it back then.

i just uninstalled it for the second time. from my new Thinkpad T400. for the very same reasons. Let me tell you what i like about the player. the interface and maybe the farting bird mascot… hehe..
but all that at the cost of waiting for my player to come up just isnt worth it. not on a pretty new computer. i will surely try songbird again. i just hope they make some real improvements in terms of performance. i guess, its one of those pitfalls of using java. the UI has changed a lot, but is still pretty awesome.

until next time.